Announcing Season 9:
Back to Boston, the RedHill Studio, More Regattas...

TRC opens its 9th season heading back to Boston for the 58th Head of the Charles Regatta, the new Red Hill Production Studio, and more.

-- Newport Beach, Calif., October 14, 2022 --

Mornings in Newport Beach
Mornings in Newport Beach. Photo courtesy of UC Irvine

Greetings Friends of TRC,

It's time to give our friends some updates on what's happening in Season 9. After spending a much needed rest over the summer of Season 8, which can't be better described as a, "noisy, logistically problematic, and restless season" from the pandemic, the Technical Talent and Producers Group has been engaged in several projects to gear up for what you see below.

The Red Hill Production Studio
Costa Mesa, CA
Red Hill Studio
The Red Hill Studio in Costa Mesa, CA

The time has come for the consortium to have a real home, no longer bound to the confines of a boat house and various locations of storage. Yes, we still have our home courses, like the Pete Archer Boathouse in Long Beach, but since we have gone from producing four races a year to 11, on top of the thousands of dollars we've invested, let along all of the hours on R&D we've spent in the last two years, we have finally proved to our members that the time has come for a studio and general meeting space. Thanks to the support of our holding company and general partners, the deal was signed over the summer and we took possession of a new studio in Costa Mesa, CA, near John Wayne Airport (SNA).

As you read on in this update, another reason for the studio is to enable us for off-site production. Some regattas have engaged in operations like this, such as the PAC-12. So we spent the time to find a place of our own, central to the majority of people we work with. We couldn’t be happier.

Charter Communications installed a GPON-gigabit circuit to the studio, and you know us, we have a lot of things still to do. We also have an area for light 3D print manufacturing as we tend to make our own stuff, from circuits, wiring, to housings, and the like.

New Engagements with WCC, USC (Big10?)
USC LogoWCC Logo

Other institutions and organizations in the region have been pressured to get coverage. Thanks to referrals within our consortium we are engaging with the West Coast Conference, a 1-day championship regatta, scheduled early to mid-May (after SW Jrs) at SacState. We may see a tripple showcase weekend in Sacramento this spring!

Closer to home, and for the first time in the Port of Los Angeles, USC has tentatively signed-on with us, but there’s some uncertainty with the pending jump from the PAC-12 over to BIG-10 and how the carriage rights will pan out. While that is over a year out, for now, we’ve always wanted to see what a race looked like in Port of Los Angeles, so this will be a first-of-its-kind. This of course will be the first off-site broadcast from the Red Hill Studio.

TRC Returns to Boston for the 58th HOCR
Broadcast Playlist:
HOCR Cambridge Boat Club

Yes, you read that right. We have been asked to come back to Boston. After last year's great all-course coverage, the regatta has decided to move back to its traditional "parade style" broadcast format since the first one in 2011, but now from four locations. Since we now have experience with spread out "working pods" into a central point, we can now do this. Thanks to the many in-house efforts from the last two years including developing our own communication hardware and software, we can meet that challenge. You may even see some footage in the field, as it can appropriately fit.

HOCR Studio

One thing were excited about is now working from the "HOCR Studio" across from the FALS area on the campus of Harvard University. It is the former site of WBPX (Ion Television), so it was a studio once before. Complete with a massive volunteer force covering 38 people, it's going to be one involved weekend for sure.

Lastly, we've been very engaged with our partners at getting the race data piped-in to all locations. Every competitor that passes will automatically be displayed on-screen. Check out the demo above (nevermind the Long Beach skiiers!).

Join us at the Cambridge Boat Club, Weld Reunion Village, Riverside Boat Club, and Attager Row!

Let's Get Going.
Welcome to Season 9.

Thank you for being a friend.

Brandin Grams
Principal Engineer, Netrendity Networks